Marketing and Communications

Company Name:
Search Engine Partners
Job Responsibilities
This position will focus on managing the comprehensive and multi-faceted marketing and communications efforts as described below. Reporting to the firm's Director of Marketing and Communications, the primary functions of this position will be to:
New and existing Client relationship Support
Support the Management Team in their efforts to develop and maintain their relationships with new and existing clients. A primary function will be to manage weekly marketing meetings with the Management Team staff members to:
Review their individual marketing meeting targets and set new/revised targets for marketing meetings;
Facilitate their assigned marketing initiatives;
Manage the database of marketing contacts (currently BCM) by coordinating and overseeing the efforts of support staff who will be assisting with the applicable updates, or updating it yourself, as needed; and
Produce regular and ad hoc reports from the database and other sources.
DGAs social media outlets
Maintain active accounts for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
Ensure all relevant contacts are connected through our social media outlets for team leadership
Maintain the Collateral database
Coordinate printing of collateral materials (e.g. sell sheets, articles in publications, letterhead, envelopes, etc.)
Ensure all collateral materials are properly promoted through social media outlets
Appropriately use our social media outlets to find and connect to potential clients
Assist in updating the website and other applicable marketing tools
professional organizations/conferences
Manage relationships with regional and national professional organizations and societies, including but not limited to:
Completing sponsorship forms and work with Accounting staff to make sure payments are handled properly and on time;
Completing membership forms for individual team members (all levels); and
Completing other applicable documentation for each organization
Prepare for and represent us at professional organization events
Promote the firm appropriately for speaking engagements and article publications
Manage exhibiting opportunities including:
Training staff to properly set up and take down our booth
Providing proper collateral materials and ensuring the booth stays current
Training of staff (excluding leadership) on appropriately representing our firm, our qualifications and fielding questions while exhibiting
Desired Skills and Experience
Qualified candidates will have:
Four to six years of relevant experience, preferably in a business development/ marketing and communications role within a professional services firm;
A bachelors degree (preferably in marketing or communications);
Proven effective written and oral communication skills, with the ability to take an idea and create tools that communicate our intent with our clients;
High energy, with experience working in a fast-paced, demanding professional firm, juggling many interwoven and competing priorities;
Team focused, with experience working in a team-based environment, with shared accountability for achieving goals;
Strong interpersonal skills, with an ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with potential clients and other contacts;
A genuine interest in the healthcare industry; and
An interest in a long-term position, growing and developing within the firm.

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